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We carry a wide range of container products

We also provide rental containers on the most favorable terms for you.

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We carry a wide range of container products at the best prices. We also provide rental containers on the most favorable terms for you.

The value of container transport can not be underestimated – they have long been in the lead in the global logistics market. You can become one of its successful participants have now started working with us. Experts SellFut help you choose the most suitable container containers detail consult on the options available and take care of the timely delivery of the product.

We do our best to ensure that our customers remain in pole position, and strive to establish permanent business relations with them. Together we can achieve great success.

If you are interested in selling, buying, leasing of containers, or any other issues related to container products, please contact our expert – we are waiting for your call.

Today is very popular not only the sale of┬ácontainers, but such a service, as the purchase of containers.Taking advantage of the container once or for a certain time, many are wondering about how to deal with it in the future. Modern companies offer you to redeem your container for a reasonable price. The final cost is determined on the basis of the current state of the packaging and the length of previous use. As a result, all are satisfied: the owners – because they can gain money for waste container, consumers – as they can buy a used / y container containers at a discounted price.